You might be aware, I have been keeping busy and up to date through my Inspiring Nurseries non for profit organisation. In order to plan and prepare, I have been working closely with an early years consultant and trainer Alison Featherbe.  This means that I am now in a position, with SportyMinis, to safely provide you with our sessions. I am very aware that  I will have to follow your policies and procedures, so that together, we can provide children with a happy, safe and secure experience.

As SportyMinis director I have:

  • Completed and updated my Health and Safety Policy and associated risk assessment.
  • Ensured that all SportyMinis coaches have completed and understood the
  • Reviewed resources and developed the curriculum that we offer, to ensure we keep equipment to a minimum.
  • Planned to adapt spaces as required to ensure safe distances wherever possible and no face to face situations.
  • Finalised the ‘virtual session’, that allows coaches to lead an interactive session if you choose.


I am aware of the many challenges that we all are likely to face.  I know not all children have returned and staffing of ‘bubbles’ may mean that you are operating in much smaller class numbers. With this in mind, I have put some SportyMinis delivery options for you. Staff are ready to start delivering the newly designed SportyMinis programme from 6th July.


Option 1

– In person delivery, a skilled and dedicated coach who exclusively delivers just to your setting on any one day.  We can fit in with your timetabling and are of course flexible with numbers of groups and time of delivery.


Option 2

– In person delivery, as above, plus, live stream to your families that are at home.  Again flexibility in numbers and time of delivery.


Option 3

– The Virtual experience – A skilled and dedicated coach who delivers a virtual session, live streamed to settings and families at home.


Please do contact me with any questions about delivery options, I am very happy to explain more and I look forward to supporting you once more.