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SportyMinis is a unique physical development sports and fundamental movement skills programme delivered within Early Years Foundation Stage and primary school setting centres in London and Surrey.

SportyMinis is a great opportunity for toddlers, preschoolers and KS1 aged children to learn the all important FUNdamental Movement Skills which are the essential building blocks to a child’s Physical Literacy.

What People Are Saying

The SportyMinis team come in to all of our nurseries on a weekly basis to run sessions for the children. The sessions are really good for the children as they are all-rounded, and include ball skills, balancing, rolling, catching and throwing, and meet all of the Early Years development targets. I’ve been very impressed by the staff who are enthusiastic, upbeat, and happy, and make it a very positive and fun experience for the children. They turn the sessions into an imagination game so the children are interacting and having fun, whilst learning to listen to instructions and stay focused and involved. They will be soon be organising and leading our sports day for the children too, which I’m sure will be a great success!


Area Manager, Eveline Day Nursery Schools

We love SportyMinis and want to thank you so much for all the effort you put in. The classes are fantastic and all the coaches really engage with the children. Annabel loves it and it gives them a fantastic start to all sports. She can’t wait to go to nursery on Thursdays for it! She loves running and jumping, balancing on the wall. We will go out & play catch with a ball as a family. She wants to be active and outside. I would recommend SportyMini’s without hesitation.

Mother of SportyMinis

Trinity EDS

My 3 year old son attends SportyMinis classes at his nursery once a week. The classes are great and I’m so amazed at the diverse range of sports he has been educated on and had the chance to try out from Tennis to Basketball to Yoga! It helps us decide what sports to pursue more (from what he tells us he likes) but the main thing is he thoroughly enjoys the classes.
Thanks SportyMinis

Mother of SportyMinis

Grand Drive, EDS


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