Community Sessions
Sporty Minis is a unique and innovative physical development programme targeted at children aged approx crawling – to 7yrs years old. Our programmes have been designed to excel children’s physical development and provide additional active learning opportunities.
From baby movers, toddler and preschool sessions within our local communities that allow child – parent bonding and ensure early exposure to the all important fundamental movement skills; time to our bespoke early years and primary physical education programme to enhance  curriculum delivery,  our mission and absolute passion is to ensure children GET Active, BE Confident and LOVE all things Sport&Physical Activity
Our activity sessions

We also have an extensive community session programme at local parks, commons and halls.  These sessions include the following for children aged 18months- 7yrs;

– Multi Skills
– Little movers
– Tag Rugby
– little Football Academy
– Girls Football Skills Sessions
– Little Athletics
– Indoor Tennis
– Family fitness
Nursery Sessions

What we do:

We provide an enhanced physical development early years curriculum that compliments your activities and experiences. Our focused, planned and interactive sessions increase children’s core strength together with enhanced development of fine and gross motor ability. At SportyMinis our highly trained coaches bring out hidden capabilities, raise children’s self esteem and ensure children develop skills in working in a team through games and cover the essential knowledge needed for reception and beyond through carefully planned activities.

What we believe:

We believe children’s bodies are made to be physical, our sessions encourage progression and provide that ‘muscle memory’ essential for increasing ability and recognising what our bodies are capable of and in turn increasing children’s physical literacy. We develop the essential learning behaviours required for children to work with others, set goals and increase inner strength. Our coaches are experts in providing opportunities for ‘risk benefit’ through challenges, selected resources and coaches that use language around a mindset that builds confidence and resilience.

Our programme is designed for us to work with you:

Our programme is designed for us to work with you to get to know children and the actions they are demonstrating so that we can add to these current interests and provide other actions to grow in confidence in. At SportyMinis we understand that children’s repeated actions or ‘schemes’ are vital to gaining knowledge about the world around them. What we do is take those actions that children naturally have and provide the opportunity to hone skills and increase knowledge around galloping which leads to increased agility, hopping that leads to skipping and vertical jumping and leaping that leads to increased stride and speed.

Here are details of our cross curricular links:

Physical DevelopmentCoaches will provide a holistic learning environment that enables children to pursue happy, healthy and active lives. Through our game sense approach children will develop core strength, stability, balance, fine and gross motor skills as well as coordination and agility.

PSED – Children will form strong, warm and supportive relationships with their coaches and with the introduction of our ‘I am statements to help develop a positive image of self and discuss healthy eating, and activity for wellbeing.

 – Communication and language – Coaches will provide in every session opportunities for children to develop language and cognitive development through converstations with children, sensitive questioning and a rich learning peer to peer learning environment.

Mathematics – Coaches use different ways to count and demonstrate the understanding of numbers to 10 through manipulative spatial reasons skills.

Literacy – Language comprehension through coach to practitioner overheard discussions and coach to child spoken interactions, eg…world around them, sporting and physical activity skills and experiences plus play songs