SportyMinis On Demand

SportyMinis online video sessions offer more than just a workout! 

Does your 2-7-yr old have boundless energy, that you’d like to channel?

Are they missing their football, gym or dance class?


SportyMinis is the ideal solution!

SportyMinis Video Libary

Our sessions are more than just a workout! We focus on skill development, including elements of gymnastics, football, dance, multi-skills and rugby. All of our activities are linked to the EY& KS1 curriculum and include a warm-up, skills, a challenge or game & a warm down.

The 150+, on-demand videos, each one 15-20 minutes long, are great for keeping your child fit, active & physically developing while at home. These are easily accessible, from your very own YouTube playlist, the sessions can also be revisited at a later date as you will have lifetime access.
At Sporty Minis, we are passionate about giving children the best start, helping to set them up for lifelong enjoyment of physical exercise

Planned & delivered by experienced sports teachers & coaches, they support physical development & are closely linked to the Early Years & KS1 curriculum.

 Our sessions offer an introduction to sporting activities; including dance, football, gymnastics, multi-skills and rugby. No specialist equipment is required, just a space of 2m x 2m and items that are easily found around the home.

 With 50 videos for KS1 and 100 videos for under 5s, with easy access from your own You Tube playlist, they will take you through lockdown and beyond!

All of this for just one payment of £24!