Did you know that the Physical Activity National Health Guidelines are 3 hours a day for under 5s?

At Sporty Minis, we are on a mission to inspire settings to reach this goal by encouraging children to love physical activity by giving them a fun, structured programme. We try to encourage this from as early as walking.

Our founder Marnie, and the SportyMinis coaches are really passionate about ensuring children get active, confident and loving all things sports. As coaches, watching the children progress throughout the term is one of the reasons they continue to share their expertise to the next generation but also to be inspiring, motivating individuals that children and early years practitioners can look up to. Do your children have role models that have the same ethos?

A key goal of ours it to ensure that children feel confident whilst participating in physical activity as it gives them an opportunity to learn new skills as well as important life skills to increase their social and mental well-being.

A new survey from Change4Life and Disney UK has found that less than half of parents are aware that physical activity can build children’s self-confidence (49%), reduce anxiety (47%) and improve their self-esteem (46%). For further reading follow the link here:


The SportyMinis program ensure children learn the ABC children development (agility, balance and coordination) which research has shown children’s activity levels, encourages school readiness and aspects of their health and well-being. Running alongside our program are our school sports days which promotes children participation, staff competition and parent engagement.

We always offer early years settings 2 free taster sessions to see if we can inspire a new set of children and ensure your nursery is a good fit for us. To help you get started, if you sign up for your free taster sessions by emailing marnie@sportyminis.com, you can also gain a free sports day. (Applies to London and Surrey only, more than happy to take a parents recommendation for your child’s nursery)