Every 3 years, the NHS reviews their physical activity guidelines to ensure they are relevant and up to date with current research. The most recent was written in 2018 and is will be reviewed in 2021. These guidelines are very beneficial for parents, nursery staff and teachers to read, as they provide all the information you need to make informed decisions when thinking about your child’s physical needs.

The guidelines include;

  • Benefits of exercise
  • Benefits of cycling
  • Why we should sit less
  • Physical activity guidelines for children (under 5s)
  • Physical activity guidelines for children and young people
  • Physical activity guidelines for older adults
  • Physical activity guidelines for adults
  • Exercise as you get older


For our SportyMini’s parents and staff, the most important section to read is Physical activity guidelines for children (under 5s). This is where it mentions that children should be physically active for at least 3 hours per day. The guidelines also discuss what physical activity means and some tips of how easy it is to include this in your day.

We’d recommend you check out the article yourself to get all the right facts:

NHS Physical Activity Guidelines for Children and Young People

If you think your child isn’t getting the 3 hours daily exercise they need, please contact us so we can do a FREE taster in your nursery today! We love when nursery staff get in touch and ask for our help. Together, we will decrease unhealthy lifestyles and replace them with healthy, physically active kids!