How can we help our children to be more active?

How to play:

  • Start by creating an imaginary river
  • Have your children on one bank holding 2 “lily pads”(These can be foam squares, A4 paper)
  • Cross the river, pick up some treasure and come back without falling off the lily pads
  • To adapt this game, children can work in pairs with 3 “lily pads”. The aim here is to be the fastest team across the river.

This is an excellent game for problem solving, teamwork, balance and stability! Try it at home today! Comment below with how you get on.

Super Summer activity #4
  • Be a good role model
  • Have a positive attitude to being active
  • Think of fun and exciting ways to integrate activity into your daily routine
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  • Bring them to a Sporty Minis session!!


Sporty Minis delivers high quality physical activity sessions for children aged 2-6. Look out for a Sport Minis community session near you! Or DM us about having a free taster, with our expert coaches, in your Nursery.



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