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SportyMinis is the perfect sports solution programme for every pre-school and nursery. The SportyMinis programme is currently being delivered to over 25 nurseries around South West London. The programme has shown to be a hit with both the parents, teachers and children

SportyMinis also have 2 London locations in which we deliver to our community throughout the week.

Wednesdays PM @ Fresh Grounds, Clapham

Thursday AM @ Agnes Riley Gardens, Balham

CPD Training

We offer bespoke physical literacy training for practitioners all linked to the Early Years Curriculum.  Our most popular 3 hour INSET training is #EYFS Active Learning Opportunities –  Its time to excel children’s physical development by increasing children’s exposure to fundamental movement skills, and valuing both indoor and outdoor opportunities for active learning

Online Memberships

Early Years Practitioner Training and Online Memberships

We offer an array of bespoke continual professional development training options for early years staff, managers and directors

All training is specific to setting needs and can be delivered in person or online.

Online Memberships – COMING SOON!


INSET Training 

What: 2-3 hour inset which goes over FMS, different ways to use different equipment, differentiation, final resource

Why: Educate practitioners to provide extra active learning opportunities for children both indoors and outdoors

How: Physical Development practical task to help promote more fundamental movement skills practise for children PLUS we will go over the 5 week active learning programme 3 outdoor and 3 indoor activities a week and extra indoor and outdoor yoga

Click here to download an example Autumn Extra Curricular Programme

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