Why SportyMinis?

SportyMinis is a specifically themed 30 minute session that covers the 21 essential FUNdamental Movement Skills, which research says are the ABCs of Physical Development; Agility, Balance and Coordination. These ABCs are critical for the development of KnowledgeSkills and Attitudes towards Physical Activities and will contribute to children staying active throughout their lives.

The SportyMinis programme is delivered in a style that will engage all children and encourage curiosity in their own physical development, inspiring children to work with others in a group and encourage the listening and following of instructions.

ALL sessions are FUNSAFE and SOCIAL.

Children are rewarded weekly with stickers, plus receive a certificate of excellence and a development progress sheet at the end of the programme for parents and staff.

Our Beliefs

We strongly believe that sports should be considered as a natural skill for toddlers and children.

For children to fully engage in play, they need to learn the fundamental movement skills in order for them to explore, manipulate and move effectively.

Children do not automatically know how to throw, kick,run and jump as part of their growth and development. These are all skills which need to be taught and that’s where we come in.

Two sports coaches leading a class of toddlers in yoga. The pose they are doing is downward dog.

Our Purpose

Movement is the child’s first language, and  early exposure to fundamental movement skills is essential as they form the first building blocks of physical literacy.

It’s critical to give children an active start through fun play and a variety of movement activities.

Research shows that children who participate in active structured learning develop better social skills, spatial awareness, and listening abilities.