It’s never too early to start Early Childhood Education. A child’s brain begins developing and absorbing information well before they actually attend formal schools. That is why it is imperative for a love of learning to be fostered at home.


There are many benefits to exposing your children to learning at such an early age. Here is an extract from the Bangkok Post discussing the importance of early learning opportunities.


“At three years old, education should concentrate on developing the senses, imagination, social skills and readiness to learn. At four years, education should concentrate on developing motor skills, pre-reading and pre-mathematical skills. Some children will take pleasure in reading words and catch on to contextual clues. By five years, formal reading, including phonics and mathematics, can come on stream, along with advanced motor skills.” Click here to read the full article:


Here in the UK, Start Well, Birmingham, suggests promoting skill-based play. This encourages, “ children to be more physically active”. They believe that it is important to create environments and activities which will encourage children to develop their fundamental movement skills.  “Data shows that an increasing number of children are behind with their skill development by the age of 3 years.” Read more here:


So, if you’re not convinced yet about the importance of active play, and learning the Fundamental Movement Skills, we recommend you come down to a Sporty Minis community session and see it all in action for yourself! You can bring little ones as small as 18 months old! You really will see the rapid growth in their development, we promise!